“Fuck Bitches,Get Money”

It Does Not Matter How Slow You Go, So Long As You Do Not Stop..
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Welp its almost throwback thursday. We will never go back to those times. EVER #throwback #throwbackthursday #neveragain


I am pretty convinced that James Franco is perfect at what ever he does.

example 1. eating

example 2. begging

example 3. winking (oh my)

example 4. trying to act cool

example 5. smiling (aww)

example 6. doing weird stuff (still hot)

example 7. playing with his cat 

example 8. laughing (melts)

example 9. listening to music

example 10. when he does a weird look

also this look

 LASTLY example 11. when he licks his lips (faints)

your argument is invalid xoxo

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